Sunday School Classes

Primary Department:  The primary Department has classes from Nursery to 6th grades.  Opening includes singing, a short story, birthday celebrations, and prayer.  Then each grade level goes to individual classrooms: Nursery; K-1st; 2nd– 4th; and 5th – 6th.


Youth Class: The youth class is for young people from 7th grade to high school graduation and those who still consider themselves youth.  It begins with the adult opening upstairs, then convenes in the youth classroom downstairs.  It is taught by a variety of teachers.  Each teacher offers a different learning style that is geared toward group discussion.  Each week offers something special and fun.


Faithlink class:  A class for those from 18 to 80 who like variety in Bible study.   Singles and couples welcome.  Teachers are Jenny and Drew Gordon. Meets downstairs.


Effie Ritzie Class:  Female class.  Effie Ritzie was the original teacher of this class but since 1980 Mona Cramer has been the teacher.  The Effie Ritzie Class emphasizes prayer, Bible study and the enjoyment of each other’s company.  Meets to the left of the Library upstairs.


Good Samaritan Class:  Adult Sunday School class for both men and women, couples and singles.  Meets in the Pastor’s study. Teacher is Kathy Knepp.


Men’s Bible Class:  The Men’s Bible Class welcomes men of all ages.  The lessons come from the International Lesson Series Quarterly.  Taught by Burton Heise.  Meets in Thornton Hall near the kitchen.